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Mobile Cop Jiban or simply Jiban was a Filipino dubbed super hero kids show that aired in Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation or IBC around the 90's. Jiban had an original title of The Mobile Cop Jiban (機動刑事ジバン Kidō Keiji Jiban), a Japanese tokusatsu television series and the eighth entry in the Metal. Jiban was produced by Toei which originally aired on TV Asahi from January 29, 1989 to January 28, 1990 with 52 episodes and one feature movie. According to Jiban's creator Keita Amemiya, the premise for the series was almost entirely based on American character Robocop, as Jiban is often considered as RoboCop's Japanese counterpart. The opening catchphrase of the series is "This is the drama of a girl's and a young man's hearts which love people and protect justice." ("Kore wa Hito o Aishi, Seigi o Mamoru Wakamono to Shōjo no Kokoro no Dorama de aru."). Let's go down memory lane with The Mobile Cop Jiban.

Mobile Cop Jiban Retro Pilipinas Feature 90's Tokusatsu IBC-13

Mobile Cop Jiban - The Story
Mobile Cop Jiban Series Plot

Naoto Tamura, a new detective in Central City, was killed by a Bionoid Monster in the line of duty. Doctor Kenzou Igarashi, a man whose experiments had been responsible for the Biolon syndicate's existence, brought the man back to life as a cyborg detective, Jiban. Mayumi Igarashi is the only person who knows the identity of Jiban and calls Jiban/Naoto her "big brother". Harry Boy on the other hand is Jiban's
robotic assistant along with Mayumi in their Secret Base. Jiban communicated with them via the Jiban's Badge.

Mobile Cop Jiban Retro Pilipinas Feature Kidou Keiji Jiban Naoto Tamura and Mayumi Igarashi IBC-13 Philippine Television Airing

Jiban gos against the Criminal Syndicate Bioron lead by Doctor Giba. The Bioron intends to take over Japan by means of narrow and more specified attacks rather than a more large-scale destruction. The use biochemistry as a means of their diabolical goals.

Doctor Giba Leader of the Criminal Syndicate Bioron Kidou Keiji Jiban The Mobile Cop Jiban Villain

Following the theme of a police theme, Jiban follows (or is programmed to abide) a certain set of rules. He literally cite out this code reminiscent of the Miranda Warning (Miranda Rights) when Jiban corners the villain of the episode.


Mobile Cop Jiban Opening Theme
Mobile Cop Jiban Series Intro

"Kidō Keiji Jiban"

Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
Arrangement: Kazuya Izumi
Artist: Akira Kushida

Mobile Cop Jiban Closing Theme
Mobile Cop Jiban Series Outro

"Ashita Yohō wa Itsumo Hare" - "Tomorrow's Forecast is Always Sunny"

Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
Arrangement: Kazuya Izumi
Artist: Akira Kushida

Mobile Cop Jiban Kidou Keiji Jiban 8th Metal Hero Aired Internationally Retro Pilipinas

Jiban is best remembered as that primetime metal hero series reminiscent of Robocop that aired after Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho) back in IBC-13 during the 90's. If my memory served me right, Jiban was aired at a time when they stopped airing Masked Rider Black, so we 90's kid who grew fund watching the exploits of the "Black Son" were kept hanging. Jiban somehow addressed the longing... but not really quite to teh level of Masked Rider Black. I think the airing of Jiban was also cancelled in IBC-13. Correct me if I'm wrong fellow Filipinos, but I missed out the opportunity to watch this series up to the very end. It might be because of my poor memory or it was really cancelled. And during those times, when a show is cancelled, there is really no immediate way of us getting the whole series that time. Like any other tokusatsu series, Jiban had a very memorable opening and closing them which up to this day still keeps playing in my head from time to time. I remember back in grade school that we imitate Jiban by having our very own Jiban Badge and roleplaying that we are kicking each other butts just like in the show (Note: there were no physical harm applied to any of the parties involved :D)

Mobile Cop Jiban Tokusatsu Title Aired in the Philippines During the 90's in Intercontinental Broadcasting Company

How about you guys, do you have any memorable moments, experiences, or merchandise from the nostalgic show? Share your thoughts about Kidou Keiji Jiban - The Mobile Cop Jiban in the comments section below:

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