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Shaider was a Filipino dubbed super hero kids show that first aired in ABS-CBN from 1988 to 1991 and later at Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation or IBC from 1992 to 1994 which was the very first Japanese Tokusatsu series dubbed in Tagalog (Filipino). Shaider had an original title of Space Sheriff Shaider (宇宙刑事シャイダー Uchū Keiji Shaidā), a Japanese tokusatsu television series and the third part of the Metal Hero Series (the last of the Space Sheriff Trilogy) which originally aired on TV Asahi from March 2, 1984 to March 1, 1985. Being the first ever Taalized tokusatsu series, Shaider holds a very special place in Philippine television. There had been reruns of the show but the series was never finished due to its contsant cancellation by the television stations that hosted it. It suffered the same fate as the Masked Rider Black series run.

Space Sheriff Shaider 80's Tagalized Tokusatsu Metal Hero Series in the Philippines Retro Pilipinas Feature

Space Sheriff Shaider - The Story
Shaider Plot

In college studying archaeology, Dai Sawamura, known in the Philippines as Alexis deciphered the figures on the Nazca Plains in Peru. Impressed by this feat, the Galactic Union Police recruited him and trained him to be Earth's third Space Sheriff, after which he was given the code name 'Shaider' in memory of an ancient warrior who defeated the villain Emperor Kubilai and brought down the Fuuma 12,000 years ago. When the Fuuma returns, Alexis is deputized as he returns to Earth to battle the Fuuma with the help of Annie, Alexis' classmate, whose homeworld of Mount was annihilated by Fuuma.

Space Sheriff Shaider Villains  Fushigi World Fuuma

Commander Hessler aka Drigo in Shaider

Girl's Army aka Amasona in Shaider

The Fuuma aspires to ultimately conquer the universe through psychological attacks on many planets using fushigi beasts hatched from pearls which are given birth to by the Great Emperor Kubilai (Fuuma-Lear) ultimately destroying worlds. Together with other followers of Fushigi World Fuuma religion followers like Priest Poe (Babaylang Ida), Kubilai's 15,000 year old transvestite grandson who serves as advisor, high priest and strategist known for his "Phantom Showtime" or most popularly known as the Time-Space Warp... the "Time Space Warp Ngayon Din!" become an iconic pop culture line; Commander Hessler (Drigo), and the Girls' Army (Amasona).

Priest Poe aka Babaylang Ida in Shaider

Space Sheriff Shaider Opening Theme
Shaider Intro

"Uchū Keiji Shaider"
Lyrics by Keisuke Yamakawa.
Composition and Arrangement by Michiaki Watanabe.
Artist: Akira Kushida

Space Sheriff Shaider and Vavilos (Babilos)

Space Sheriff Shaider Closing Theme
Shaider Outro

"Hello! Shaider"
Lyrics by Keisuke Yamakawa.
Composition and Arrangement by Michiaki Watanabe.
Artist: Akira Kushida

I watched the first rerun of Shaider around the 90's and like everyone else I was hooked with this weekly superhero show just like Masked Rider Black. It featured interesting characters especially Annie and her yellow and white attire (winks), Ida known for her time- space warps and odd monotone voice, catchy opening and closing theme songs (seen above), and who can not forget that psychedelic, mysterious, creepy and kick-ass all at the same time theme of the "Fushigi Song" that plays everytime Lear/Kubilai gives birth to a Fushigi Monster:

Looking back at Shaider, the show might look silly. Imagine an ancient alien religious sect who wants to conquer the universe through psychological attacks? But Shaider will forever be part of Filipino geek pop culture history.

Shaider in the Philippines Annie and Alexis

What about you guys? Share your fondest memories of the Filipinized Metal Hero series? Do you have any favorite fushigi monsters, episodes, or memorabilias? Share your thoughts and experiences on Space Sheriff Shaider on the comments section below:

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