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MachineMan was a Philippine dubbed super hero kids show aired in Intercontinental Broadcasting Company or IBC back in the early 90's in the Philippines. Originally from Japan, Seiun Kamen Machineman (星雲仮面マシンマン Seiun Kamen Mashinman) or Nebula Mask Machineman was a tokusatsu series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei which ran from January 13 until September 28, 1984. The super hero kids show follows the story of Ken Takase, a college student from the Ivy planet to study the behavior of the Earthlings but later take the guise of Earth's mighty protector MachineMan. Each episode follows the adventures of MachineMan with his robotic sidekick BallBoy known in the Philippines as Buknoy the Fighting Ball against the evil Tentacle Organization led by Professor K.

MachineMan IBC Philippine Dubbed Television Series Retro Pilipinas

MachineMan - The Story
Seiun Kamen Machineman Plot

Seiun Kamen Machineman Osamu Sakuta as Ken Takase, Machineman

Travelling in the ship Space Colony, Nick, with the help of tiny robot called Ball Boy (which looks exactly like a baseball) comes to Earth to spend a week studying the behaviour of human beings for his doctorate. Under the human name of Ken Takase, he saves a photographer, Maki Hayama, from an accident, and ends up developing a relationship with her throughout the series. Maki was taking photographs for a report on a building which had been mysteriously demolished. Later, she and Ken find out those responsible: the Tentacle Organization, a gang led by the unscrupulous Professor K, a man who hates children and just wants to get rid of them all, not caring about World domination. Due to this, Nick decides to extend his stay on Earth and use his advanced technology and superior powers to protect his beloved Maki, as well as the children of Earth, under the guise of Machineman. His main weapon, apparently an ordinary sword, is actually a powerful weapon that, when energized, is able to wipe out the deadliest of Professor K's cyborgs. Aside from the sword and its transparent layer, Machineman counts also on the quick Dolphin car that could be changed into a species of spurt. Some episodes later, Machineman succeeds in dismantling Tentacle; however, after that, Professor K flees to Spain and his niece, Lady M, appears. With her aide TonChinkan, they establish a new gang, called "The Octopus". Like her uncle, she too has an allergic reaction to children - so much so that, whenever she is next to one, her nose goes red. In the beginning, she calls up various thieves and legendary criminals from around the world, but later robotic drones are assembled to combat Machineman. By the end of the series, the missing Professor K returns, bringing with him the biggest threat the hero had ever faced: Golden Monsu, a fortified version of Tetsujin Monsu.

MachineMan Opening Theme
Seiun Kamen Machineman Intro

Seiun Kamen Machineman BallBoy Buknoy the Fighting Ball

Looking back at MachineMan now puts a big grin on my face. The show has an absurd set of villains who just wanted to rid the world of all children (facepalm), what strange diabolical plot right? I guess it was a worthy enough cause for a "college student" from another planet to stay on Earth and save the children right? I still remember imitating Machineman by putting cardboards on my head and wearing a spare plastic book cover lying around the house as my MachineMan cape. It was really a show for kids, for only kids can somehow stomach that premise. Its biggest selling point would probably be the effects which was pretty "advanced" during that time, not to mention almost every kid following the series either had a baseball that they called "Buknoy" (BallBoy) in one or more times asthey brought it to school, or drew a pair of eyes on various sports ball (from Tennis balls to even Basketballs) imitating Buknoy. MachineMan was one of the show I personally grew up with, sadly I have little recollections of the show's episodes now. Although the opening theme and what he looks like is stuck on my head.

Seiun Kamen Machineman Kiyomi Tsukada as Maki Hayama

MachineMan IBC 13 Tagalized Tokusatsu Machineman and Buknoy Retro Pilipinas

What about you guys? what are your fondest memories on MachineMan? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:

Seiun Kamen Machineman 1984 Japanese tokusatsu series dubbed in Filipino in IBC 13 90's

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