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Magic Knight Rayearth was a Filipino-dubbed Japanese animation which aired on ABS-CBN every Sunday morning during the 90's in the Philippines. Magic Knight Rayearth (魔法騎士レイアース Mahou Kishi Reiāsu) was originally a Japanese shojo (female target demographic) manga series created (written) by Clamp and published by Kodansha with three volumes that ran from November 1993 to February 1995. The manga was later adapted into an anime which originally aired in Yomiuri TV and on NNS in Tokyo and ran from October 17, 1994 to November 27, 1995 with a total of 49 episodes spanning two seasons. Let's go down memory lane and remember this all female highschoolers turned warriors turned mech pilots in the fantasy world of Magic Knight Rayearth.

Magic Knight Rayearth 90's Filipino-Dubbed Anime Retro Pilipinas Feature

Magic Knight Rayearth - The Story
Magic Knight Rayearth Series Plot

Three high school suddenly found themselves transported in another world called Cephiro. Tomboyish and headstrong Hikaru Shidou and is known in the Philippine-dubbed series as Lucy; quick-tempered and straightforward Umi Ryuuzaki and known as Marina; and intelligent prim-and-proper ladylike Fuu Hououji known locally as Anemone. The three girls are then tasked by Clef to rescue the current Pillar of Cephiro (Princess Emeraude) from her abductor, the high priest (and sho's main antagonist*?*) Zagato. Once fulfilled they will be returned to Tokyo.

Magic Knight Rayearth 90's ABS-CBN Filipino-Dubbed anime featuring Hikaru Shidou as Lucy, Umi Ryuuzaki as Marina, Fuu Hououji known locally as Anemone

The first season focused on the finding of the powers of the three protagonist, building of their friendship, and the inevitable bout in the end that locked Cephiro in its miserable state which was picked up in the second season in which colonizers have started invading Cephiro.

Magic Knight Rayearth Opening Theme
Magic Knight Rayearth Series Intro

Magic Knight Rayearth Opening Theme Filipino Lyrics
Magic Knight Rayearth Opening Theme Tagalog Lyrics

Kami'y narito
Asahan nyo'ng

para sa

Ang lahat ng nilalang dito
ay may karapatan

(sa magandang bukas)

Kung merong gumugulo
ay h'wag mag alala

Kami'y ang dakilang tagapagtanggol nyo
Sa lahat ng oras
Handa kaming tumulong

Ang aming mga kapangyarihan
Alay sa karapatan

Kami'y narito
Asahan nyo'ng

para sa
Kapayapaan at kaayusan

Kami'y asahan nyo..
Hanggang sa dulo ng Mundo...

Magic Knight Rayearth Yuzurenai Negai by Naomi Tamura Official Music Video

Magic Knight Rayearth Yuzurenai Negai Live Performance by Naomi Tamura

Naomi performing Yuzurenai Negai at Otakon Expo 2009 in Baltimore, USA.

A Lookback on Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth Mecha Rune-Gods  Umi's is Celes or Ceres, Fuu's Windam,  Hikaru's Rayearth or Lexus

What is there to say about Magic Knight Rayearth? Well, Magic Knight Rayearth was one of those definitive and notable anime that I grew up with as it was perfectly placed on a Sunday morning (weekend) block. It had a high fantasy setting that featured transforming girls ala Sailormoon plus mecha action. Back in the days, there was no issues when kids are watching such series, well at least not in our neighborhood or household.

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2 with new characters Autozam with its leader Lantis, Fahren with childish ruler Lady Aska, and Chizetawith sibling rulers Tatra and Tarta

I remember the tragic love story of the Princess who need saving and her abductor, and the awesome look of the giant mechs and the fighting using these mecha. Oddly enough I always remember the Tatra and Tarta theme which play when they summon their giant djinns. Must be its Middle Eastern theme or Arab country like exotic beat or just the hypnotizing performance of these attractive anime sibling slash colonizers.

I plan on re-watching this series again if they still hold up to today's standards (hopefully it will) just like what I did with Hell Teacher Nube.

Magic Knight Rayearth 90's ABS-CBN Filipino-Dubbed nostalgic Japanes anime title card

How about you guys? What are your fondest memories of this all-female lead slash mecha fantasy love story anime? Do you have any particular favorites like episode(s), characters, and merchandise related to the show? Share your thoughts and experiences about Magic Knight Rayearth in the comments section below and let's discuss:

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