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Hell Teacher Nube was a Filipino-dubbed anime which aired in GMA network's prime time television block during the late 90's in the Philippines. Hell Teacher Nube was originally titled Jigoku Sensei Nube that originally run from April 13, 1996 to August 7, 1997 on TV Asahi with a total of 49 episodes. Jigoku Sensei nube was first a manga written by Makura Shō and illustrated by Takeshi Okano published by Shueisha for the Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine that originally run from September 1993 – May 1999 with 31 volumes. Let's go down memory lane and remember Hell Teacher Nube.

Hell Teacher Nube GMA Network 90's Filipino-Dubbed Anime in Philippines Retro Pilipinas Feature

Hell Teacher Nube - The Story
Hell Teacher Nube Series Plot

Nueno Daisuke, a new teacher moving into Domori Elementary School. Nueno Daisuke, often simply called Nube is an both a warm and caring professor and a yokai "expert" and exorcist. Trouble seems to follow Nube as he must learn to contend with being a guiding and inspirational figure to his students and his colleagues and fend off any yokai that dare harms them.

Jigoku Sensei Nube Nueno Meisuke 5-3 class teacher and yokai exorcist

Nūbē is usually forced to action when various yokai threatens and endangers his beloved students. Nube often use the power of the Demon's Hand (Oni no Te) to assist in solving the problem for the particular episode. The series follows an episodic format featuring different monster or yokai each episode which helps flesh out each characters in the show.

Hell Teacher Nube Opening Theme
Jigoku Sensei Nube Series Intro

"Baribari Saikyou No. 1" (The No. 1 Greatest Hard-Worker)
Performed by Feel So Bad

Hell Teacher Nube Closing Theme
Jigoku Sensei Nube Series Outro

"Mienai Chikara ~Invisible One" (Unseen Power ~Invisible One)
Performed by B'z

Nueno Meisuke in Jigoku Sensei Nube of Domori Elementary School

What is there to say about Hell Teacher Nube? Well, Hell Teacher Nube was one of those nostalgic anime that indirectly educated 90's kids (like myself that time) life lessons. It highlighted and taught about the value of friendship, respect, competitiveness, and valuing what matters most in life. Looking at it now, I personally find anime (thru this series) very fascinating as how effective it is as a form of entertainment and instrumental to shaping the minds, values, and morals of the youth. It has the perfect mix of humor (sometimes "naughty" humor) and seriousness which gives respect to the intellectual capacity of kids. I believe that it is better to not dumb down various shows in order to educate the children and it is up to parents to help and guide them through it. Hell Teacher Nube was also awesome and action packed thanks to the monsters featured each week which are usually "subdued" by the demon (oni) sealed in his left hand.

Domori Elementary School of Class 5-3 Students Under Nueno Meisuke - Hiroshi Tateno, Kyoko Inaba, Miki Hosokawa, Katsuya Kimura, Makoto Kurita

As a kid growing up in the 90's, there wasn't a single episode that I dare miss in Hell Teacher Nube's GMA Network television ran back in the late 90's or early 2000. Feel free to correct me about this if you know exactly it's original run here in the Philippines. Hell Teacher Nube was one of the five anime which was put into the primetime block (Mondays to Fridays at 7:00 or 7:30 PM) back in the days. A very bold and admirable thing by a television network when you look at it now. Back then, I could say that it was better that GMA took its younger audience seriously and featured anime first before getting on with the usual adult stuff like soap operas or movies. Looking at how television now, I somewhat miss those days. Now all kids have are those cliche'd local telenovelas that dumbs them down forcing morality, subliminally teaching them promiscuity not backed up by good sex education, and be "drama" kinds and queens. But I am digressing, we'll leave the state of television and social commentary for another day.

Favorite Jigoku Sensei Nube is  episode 47 about Nueno Meisuke against the god  yokai of poverty and friendship

Hell Teacher Nube episode 47 about Teacher Nube versus the god of poverty  and having friends to be always there for him

I remember doing sketches featuring Hell Teacher Nube characters in my notebook. Just recently I was able to relive what made it click as I re-watch Hell Teacher Nube episodes online (you can check out the series on the link there). There is also a Hell Teacher Nube Live action series available online if you are also interested. After re-watching the anime series, one particular episode stood out to me. It was Jigoku Sensei Nube episode 47 which was entitled "Strongest! Greatest! The final enemy! And his name is...God of Poverty!!" I will not spoil it for you but I highly recommend that you see it.

Hell Teacher Nube Title Card Filipino Dubbed Japanese Anime Jigoku Sensei Nube Aired in the Philippines

How about you guys? Did you remember how Hell Teacher Nube was like back in the days? Did you like the series or have other anime's in that GMA Anime Primtime block that you prefer (Monster Ranger, Master of Mosquiton, Vission of Escaflowne, etc.)? do you have any particular favorite episode, characters, yokai, merchandise, experiences and memories related to the show? Share your thoughts and experiences about Hell Teacher Nube in the comments section below:

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