Voltron: Defender of the Universe | 80's - 90's IBC-13, RPN-9, SBN-21 Animated Series

Voltron: Defender of the Universe was an American animated television series adaptation of two different Japanese anime television series Beast King Golion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. Simply known as Voltron, the series originally aired in various syndicated channels in the United States from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985. Voltron: Defender of the Universe aired in the Intercontinental Broadcasting Network (IBC-13) and Radio Philippines Network (RPN-9) around the 80's until 90's. Let's take a look back at this beloved supre robot series of the 80's, Voltron.

Voltron Defender of the Universe Retro Pilipinas Feature 80's 90's  IBC RPN SBN Retro Animation

Voltron: Defenders of the Universe - The Story
Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Series Plot

The first season of Voltron was based on Beast King Golion (Hykauu Juu Ou Golion). This series is also known as Lion Force Voltron (Voltron of the Far Universe) featured a team of five young pilots commanding five robot lions which could be combined to form Voltron. In this undefined future era, the Voltron Force was in charge of protecting the planet Arus which is ruled by Princess Allura from the evil forces of King Zarkon, his son Lotor, and the witch Haggar who would later create huge Robeasts to terrorize the people of Arus. This is the most popular iteration of Voltron, but was later called Voltron III.

Classic Voltron Human Pilots Lion Force Voltron (Voltron of the Far Universe)

The second season was based on Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV), with the storyline considerably changed. In this iteration of Voltron, which was also known as Vehicle Voltron (Voltron of the Near Universe), the Galaxy Alliance's home planets have become overcrowded, and a fleet of explorers has been sent to search for new planets to colonize. Along the way, they attract the attention of the evil Drule Empire, long engaged in an ongoing war against the Alliance, and the Drules proceed to interfere in the mission of the explorers and the colonists. Since the Voltron of Planet Arus is too far away to help the explorers, a totally new Voltron is constructed to battle the Drule threat. This Voltron was called Voltron I since its setting was set closest to Earth.

Five Robo Lions to Form Voltron Defender of the Universe Retro Cartoons

This Voltron team consists of fifteen members, divided into three teams of five, known respectively as the Land, Sea, and Air Teams. Each team is specialized in gathering data or fighting in their area of expertise. Each team can combine their vehicles into a bigger machine, with each combined vehicle differing amongst the three teams: the Aqua Fighter (Sea Team), the Turbo Terrain Fighter (Land Team), and the Strato Fighter (Air Team). When necessary, all fifteen vehicles combine to form the mighty Voltron.

Iconic Lion Force Voltron Defender of the Universe super robot of the 80's

A proposed Voltron II, which was set to take the name of Gladiator Voltron (Voltron of the Middle Universe) was to have been based on Lightspeed Electroid Albegas (Kosoku Denjin Albegas) but was later cancelled in the United States because of the lack of popularity of Voltron II (second season).

Voltron: Defender of the Universe Opening Theme
Voltron: Defender of the Universe Series Intro

I was but achild when these series exploded in the Philippines. thanks to reruns of the show which have been very frequent in Philippine television, I was able to experience Voltron. I remember my father giving me a Voltron matchbox toy which was eventually lost. If only I or my father took care of that toy, I could have had a piece of my childhood up until now, but there is no real sense in crying over spilled milk. What matters is that I was able to enjoy my childhood thanks to these robo lions. I prefer and am more familiar with the Lion Force Voltron just like most Voltron fans.

Five Robot Lions of Lion Force Voltron Defender of the Universe 80's Retro Kids Show

Voltron was one of the most popular super robot series during its time. Both the Englsh dubbed animated series and its toyline became phenomenal. Whether it is on its catchy opening and closing themes, or the sheer awesomeness of a five giant robo lions forming into one robot battling giant monsters terrorizing the galaxy, Voltron has forever joined the ranks of the most popular kids show of the 80's. Just like any other 80's Americanized show, Voltron was heavily censored to cater for kids, but amidst its censorship World Events Productions and Toei Animation still managed to bring something special which up to this day are remembered by those who grew up humming its theme, shouting its formation sequence, and playing with its various toy lines.

The Legend of Voltron Defender of the Universe Retro Pilipinas Kids Show 80's 90's

How about you guys, what's your fondest memories of Voltron: Defenders of the Universe? Did you also liked the second season? What are your fondest memories of Voltron? Share everything on Voltron at the comments section below:

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