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MagmaMan was a Filipino dubbed super hero kids show that aired in ABS-CBN around the 90's. MagmaMan is originally Fireman (ファイヤーマン Faiyaman), a Japanese tokusatsu television series which originally aired Nippon Television from January 7 to July 31, 1973. Let's take a look at MagmaMan, a classic Japanese tokusatsu that has successfully merged the essence of the Ultraman and Kamen Rider series.

MagmaMan Retro Pilipinas Feature ABS-CBN 90's Retro Tokusatsu

MagmaMan - The Story
Fireman - Series Plot

Fireman aka MagmaMan 1973 Japanese Tokusatsu

A strange phenomenon happened throughout the world, causing giant, mutant dinosaurs to suddenly appear. Deep under the Earth's surface lives the Agan, a race of people who will die if exposed to light of the sun for more than three minutes sends a courageous young man named Misakey to live as in the world of humans donning the identity of an archaeologist and SAF agent Daisuke Misaki. Whenever monsters and space aliens attack the world, Misaki transforms into Fireman by using the fire-stick, and defends the human race against them.

MagmaMan Opening Themes
FireMan Series Intros

"Fireman" (ファイヤーマン Faiya-man)

Lyrics by Yu Aku
Composition by Asei Kobayashi
Arrangement by Bob Sakuma
Artists: Masato Shimon

Misakey as Daisuke Misaki transforms to Fireman MagmaMan

MagmaMan Opening Theme
FireMan Series Outro

"Shutsugeki! SAF" (SAF Shutsugeki! Esu-e-efu, Go attack! SAF)

Lyrics by Hajime Tsuburaya
Composition and Arrangement by Toru Fuyuki
Artists: Columbia Yurikago-kai and The Photons

I have vivid recollections of this series but I can still remember me and my grade school classmates mimicking MagmaMan's finishers, the Magma Dash (Fire Dash). It was aired alongside the Ultrama on ABS-CBN back in the days so we have two super giants entertaining us every weekends. I also remember one particular scene when he sacrificed himself to save the planet, I believe it made me cry back then.

FireMan MagmaMan Finisher Fire Dash Retro Tokusatsu Japanese Show Aired in the  Philippines 90's

Doing the research of this classic retro tokusatsu that aired in ABS-CBN during the 90's, I can completely say that MagmaMan as I would like to call him, looks like the combination of Ultraman in terms of size but with the eyes of a Kamen Rider (Masked Rider). Looing at it now, it makes me want to get the DVD set just for the sheer nostalgic value of it. Maybe someday but for now, I will enjoy myself with these series of classic scene montage of MagmaMan:

How about you guys? Did you grew up watching this series? do you have a more clear idea or recollection of the monsters fought or episodes of MagmaMan? share your thoughts on the comments section below:

Magma Man Tokusatsu Title Philippine Television Run on ABS-CBN

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