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Hiraya Manawari was a popular educational television show for Filipino children from ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. in cooperation with the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) back in the 90's. Hiraya Manawari aired during the 90's alongside Bayani from on Philippine television network, ABS-CBN. Hiraya Manawari is a weekly episodic educational television show aimed for Filipino kids that featured moral values with a usual fantasy setting.

Hiraya Manawari ABS-CBN 90's Retro Pilipinas Feature

Hiraya Manawari Educational Philippine Television Show - The Show
About Hiraya Manawari

ABS-CBN's Hiraya Manawari, a highfalutin Filipino word that translates to “reach your dreams” featured episodes revolving around good moral values and life lessons. Each episode is different from the other with each episode that deals with issues about love, family, respect, honesty, discipline, etc. Most of its episodes is set on a fantasy and fictitious setting which aid in emphasizing the episode's lesson of the day. If Bayani was a Sibika at Kulture, History or Social Studies in Philippine television, Hiraya Manawari on the other hand is like a Good Moral and Right Conduct, or Values Education class for Philippine television.

Hiraya Manawari Opening Theme
Hiraya Manawari Series Intro

Hiraya Manawari
Theme Song Lyrics

Gusto kong abutin ang tayog ng ulap
Gusto kong sisirin ang lalim ng dagat
Gusto kong akyatin ang tuktok ng bundok
Tuklasin ang hiwaga, sa puso ko'y bumabalot

Hiraya Manawari, Hiraya Manawari
Mga pangarap natin ating abutin
Ang kapangyarihang nasa puso natin
Hiraya manawari ating abutin

Kaya kong pakawalan ang hiwaga sa aking puso
Kaya kong hawakan init ng aking pangarap
Kaya kong isabog liwanag na aking taglay
Liwanag na nagsisilbing tanglaw ko sa patutunguhan

Hiraya Manawari, Hiraya Manawari
Mga pangarap natin, ating abutin
Sa lakas ng isipan at busilak na kalooban
Hiraya manawari ating abutin

I grew up in the 90's and this is one of the most memorable educational television series that ABS-CBN has ever come up with. It teaches and preaches about values education presented in a fairy tale like manner with episodes in a mysterious, magical, mystical, and sometimes creepy settings.

There is one particular scene in an episode of Hiraya Manawari that has seemingly engraved itself in my memory. It was an episode that featured insects, mainly butterflies. That particular episode had a scene where butterflies are just flying around a garden full of flora that prompted a musical segment with lyrics like "tsuwari wariwap... maglaro maglaro." I vividly recall what happened to that episode but I believed that it was due to its weird and upbeat tune that made it so nostalgic. There were also some really serious and disturbing scenes from some episodes of Hiraya Manawari. Maybe it was ahead of its time or it was so effective that it was too much for some children (like me) to handle. I remember having a few nightmares with some of its creepier episode. But all in all nobody can deny that it was one of the best educational shows under joint effort by ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. and the Department of Education Culture and Sports.

Hiraya Manawari ABS-CBN Foundation Inc Educational Television Show in the Philippines tha teaches moral values 90's

How about you guys? What is/are your most memorable episode, story, or character you remembered from this ABS-CBN educational show? Share your thoughts about Hiraya Manawari in the comments section below:


  1. yung episode na may matandang masungit tapos binubully sya nung mga bata tapos nag flashback yung experience ni lolo nung geraa turns out wwII Veteran pala si lolo tapos namatay yung mga kaibigan nya nung gera dalawang babaeng nurse at isang lalaking sundalo,"music box" daw yata title nung episode based on my recent researches

    1. sino kaya or saan pwede makapanuod ng copy nyan, yan din ang pinaka iniyakan kong palabas until now kinukwento ko sa mga pamangkin at sarili kong anak, yung music box ni lolo, at ng mga kaibigan nya

  2. My favorite episode would be "ang pakpak ng anghel"
    I wish they will remake hiraya manawari, bayani, sineskuwela, math tinik, atbp and batibot.


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