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Bayani was a popular educational television show for Filipino children from ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. in cooperation with the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) back in the 90's. Bayani aired from 1995-2001 on Philippine television network, ABS-CBN. Bayani, as the title state is a weekly edutainment kids show that follows the adventure of two children as they magically travel back in time to retrieve historical items from the collection of a from a mysterious old person living in a cave.

Bayani Educational Television Show ABS-CBN 90's Retro Pilipinas Feature

Bayani ABS-CBN Foundation's Educational Television Show - The Story
Bayani Plot

ABS-CBN's Bayani follows two elementary school students Noli (played by child actor Angelo Cometa) and Aya (Celine Lirio) as they accidentally stumbled on a mysterious cave to evade a group of school bullies after them. They saw a mysterious light which lead to a similarly mysterious old man played by Rolando Santos Tinio who tells them that he is the guardian of the mysterious cave which holds the memories of Philippine history and the spirit of the country.

ABS-CBN Educational Television Show Bayani 90's Time Travel

The old man tells them that they were destined to discover the cave and are chosen ones of pure heart to access the Aklat ng Kasaysayan (Book of History). The old man asks them for their consent to go on this magical adventure through time to retrieve various lost and stolen historical items from different time periods. Bayani's pilot episodeis entitled "Abaniko" (fan) which follows the adventure of Noli and Aya back in Andres Bonifacio's timeline to retrieve the first fan the the national hero created he created. On later episodes, Rolando Santos Tinio was replaced by various actress and later with Caridad Sanchez as "Lola" (grandmother) in Bayani. Lola also guided the children and gave them missions on what items to retrieve back in various points in Philippine history.

Bayani ABS-CBN Foundation's Educational Television Show Opening Theme
ABS-CBN's Bayani Intro

Praise ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. for creating an entertaining educational television show Bayani for Filipino children back in the 90's in Philippine television network, ABS-CBN. As a student, the show did what it is suppose to, and in flying colors... to teach history to kids in a fun and effective way. I personally learned new things about the lives of some of our national heroes which sometimes were not taught in school. The show also introduced more national historical heroes besides what we (students) knew that time. Having quality television shows like this, I can say that I am happy and proud to grow up in the 90's.

Bayani Educational Kids Show from ABS CBN Foundation Inc and the Department of Education Culture and Sports 90's

What about you guys? What do you think about ABS-CBN's Bayani? What are your most unforgettable and memorable episode in the educational show? Share your thoughts about Bayani on the comments section below:

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