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That's Entertainment or simply known as "That's" was a Filipino youth-oriented talent and variety show that aired in GMA Network from January 6, 1986 – March 23, 1996. That's was hosted by German Moreno together with Ike Lozada. Let's go down memory lane with That's Entertainment here at Retro Pilipinas.

That's Entertainment Filipino youth variety show Retro Pilipinas Feature

That's Entertainment - The Show
About That's Entertainment

That's Entertainment launched on January 6, 1986 by GMA Network and first aired from the old GMA building in EDSA, but later moved to the GMA Broadway Centrum in 1987 to accommodate it's increasing studio audience and fans. The Filipino youth variety show used song "That's Entertainment" as its main theme song. That's Entertainment was written by Arthur Schwartz with the lyrics of Howard Dietz which was written especially for the 1953 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical film The Band Wagon. Hosted by German Moreno together with Ike Lozada, That's gained popularity almost overnight among young Filipino audiences.

That's Entertainment ushered in new stars whom most have become the Philippine industry's finest. The youth-oriented variety show grouped their talents into five: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday groups. Every Saturday, all of the said five groups were joined together to performed various production numbers. The show paired up various talents to serve as love teams that usually illicit feelings of "kilig" to most of the show's female audiences. The pairing eventually transcended the show and some eventually hooked up in real life. The show was a star maker, those who were exceptional and offered something fresh became the industry's finest celebrity idols. Nobody can be young forever. That's members eventually moved on with their lives. Some got their much needed industry break making them the industry's popular actors, comedian/comedienne, actors, singers, dancers, and performers. Some decided to pursue a much fulfilling and private lives completely vanishing from the radar of the ever scrutinizing eye of the public. The show also catapulted different dance group to popularity, The Maneouvres, Streetboys, Abztract Dancers, Kids at Work, UMD all became the Philippines' premiere dance group because of the show. German "Kuya Germs" Moreno was recognized as the Philippine's star maker because of the said show.

That's went off the air at the height of its popularity back in March 23, 1986. The last episode of "That's Entertainment" was shown on Saturday primetime (9:00 pm) with former members reunited in a TV special entitled "That's The Reunion".

A Fan Tribute Video to That's Entertainment:

I wasn't really that into That's Entertainment that time. I was but a kid back then and had really no interest in an afternoon variety show. But I have to give credit to the show for discovering and launching the career of their talents who most have become the popular celebrities, politicians and professionals in the Philippines and even abroad. I was really not a That's kid, but it will forever have a special place in the hearts of those who supported the show.

That's Entertainment Filipino youth variety hosted by German Moreno Kuya Germs and Ike Lozada

What about you guys? Were you a fan of That's Entertainment? If you were, then what's your fondest memory, favorite love teams, favorite talent and general thoughts on the iconic star maker of a variety show from GMA Network back in its 80's-90's run? Share your thoughts on That's Entertainment on the comments section below:

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