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Okey Ka, Fairy Ko! was a popular Filipino television situational comedy (sitcom) that first premiered on the Intercontinental Broadcasting Company or IBC 13 and ran from 1987-1989, transferred and continued its run on ABS-CBN from 1989-1985, and finally getting cancelled after two years of its GMA Network run when the show transferred there. The show focuses on the Kabisote family mainly Enteng and Faye as they struggle with everyday normal life and the magical life of Faye being the Princess of the land of faeries, Engkantasya. Let's go down memory lane and reminisce this phenomenal Philippine retro sitcom about family, magic, and the never-ending fight of good versus evil.

Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! 80s - 90s Sitcom Retro Pilipinas Feature

Okey Ka, Fairy Ko! - The Story
Okey Ka, Fairy Ko! Synopsis

Vicente Kabisote, Jr a.k.a Enteng Kabisote (played by Vic Sotto) was trying to outrun a woman who is forcing him to marry her through the threats of her muscled brothers. To escape this persistent woman, Enteng adopted a street-child named Aiza (Aiza Seguerra) and pretended that he already has a daughter from a previous marriage, but even so, the obsessed woman still pursued Enteng. Unknown to the Enteng, he is being watched from a by the magical kingdom Engkantasya's fairy Princess Chloroteam who will later be known as Faye (Alice Dixson). She immediately fell in love with the nimble mortal and magically transported him to Engkantasya while he sleeps. Like Faye falling for him, the same happened to Enteng after seeing Faye. They later returned to the mortal world to get married with Aiza as the loving couple's witness. As much as the queen of Enkantasya's Ina Magenta (Charito Solis) disapproves of Chloroteam (her heir to the throne of Engkantasya) marrying a nimble mortal, she knows that he is a man who truly loves her daughter and her daughter loves him as much. She usually meddles with the affairs of the couple now trying to live as magic-free as possible but it can not do so as forces of evil from Engkantasya tries to overthrow Magenta by hurting her one and only daughter, Faye and her family.

Each episode features the everyday struggles of Enteng, Aiza and Faye as they deal with everyday family issues and from the evil of Luka, and reyna ng kadiliman (Luz Valdez). To add up to the magical world of Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! are some few supportng characters. Amy (Ruby Rodriguez), the nosy yet trustworthy housekeeper of the Kabisotes who usually gets her memories constantly erased by the show's fairies (mainly Faye and Magenta) everytime she discovers the magical nature of the people she work for. Bale (Jinky Oda), the store-owner just adjacent to the Kabisote's house is a friend of Amy who she usually share a lot of gossips with. Pipoy (Larry Silva) is Enteng's bald and beer-bellied assistant in his repair shop. Prinsipe ng Kahilingan or Prinsipe K (Bayani Casimiro Jr.) is a tap dancing and blunder of a wish-granting fairy known on the series for his outrageous tap dancing entrances whenever he is called.

Okay Ka, Fairy Ko's main theme song is "Fireworks" by Alan Menken from Walt Disney's film adaptation of The Little Mermaid. It is hard to come by any online of videos of the the original epsiodes or even the theme of Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! so here is "Fireworks" by Alan Menken and just imaging the show opening with it.

Okey Ka, Fairy Ko! 80's - 90's Sitcom Television Theme
Okey Ka, Fairy Ko! Theme from Alan Menken's "Fireworks" (The Little Mermaid)

Okay Ka, Fairy Ko The Movie 1991

Okay Ka, Fairy Ko Part 2 1992 movie

Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! Classic Movie Posters from Video48.
Check them out for a more in-depth look on classic Filipino films.

I liked the show back in the 90's and this is probably why up to today I am still able to enjoy the absurdity of this era's Enteng Kabisote film series. I literally grew up watching this series and fell in love with a sitcom that focused on family, love, and a fantasy world of fairies, witches and magic. To someone who never knew other foreign shows back then like the classic Bewitch US series, which I think might probably be the show where this Filipino sitcom draws its inspiration from, Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! was a good sitcom for a growing up 90's boy. The Faye that I am familiar with is the Tweetie de Leon and the Roderick Paulate version. Fans of the series knew that the series was known for changing its female lead and the show made up this lore that fairies usually undergoes this "makeover" which doesn't always bear good results. This has later been carried out in the Enteng Kabisote film series. Okay Ka, Fairy ko! has two movies back in the 90's and like today, both are heavily marketed on the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga. My most memorable Okay Ka, Fairy Ko - Eat Bulaga contest was probably with the movie where Pipoy was eventually turned into a human-turtle as a means of transportation. They used some pretty clever use of the Pipoy "animatronics" head as it is attached to the life-size turtle's fake body. Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! will forever be remembered as one of the best Filipino sitcoms of all time.

What about you guys? What are your fondest memory of Okay Ka, Fairy Ko! ? How about the two movies it spun back in the 90's? Any favorite episode and characters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:

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