Denver, The Last Dinosaur | IBC 13 RPN-9 - 90's US Animated Show

Denver, The Last Dinosaur was a US cartoon show that aired around the 90's on IBC 13 and later on Radio Philippines Network (RPN 9). Let's take a look back at this US animated show about friendship and ecology here at Retro Pilipinas.

Denver the Last Dinosaur Retro Animation Philippines IBC 13 RPN 9

The kids animated show follows the stories of a group of multicultural California teenagers (Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally, and Casey with tag-along older sister, Heather) stumbling over a prehistoric egg, how they befriend and hide the secret of the existence of a friendly dinosaur named Denver that hatched from it. Each episode usually features issues on conservation, ecology, and friendship which is perfect as a kid's show, not to mention a cool dinosaur that can skateboard, understand English, play music and go back in time via a piece of the egg he hatched from.

Denver The Last Dinosaur characters Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally, and Casey, Heather

Denver The Last Dinosaur Opening Theme
"Denver, the Last Dinosaur" Intro

I remember watching Denver: The Last Dinosaur in the afternoon slot every weekdays in RPN-9 during the 90's. Looking back at it now it really defies logic. Well how can the last dinosaur be a bipedal with a human like way of communicating and can show his friends a vision of the prehistoric past. But still I remember mindlessly enjoying it as a child. Today it is more about taking kids seriously. Why can't they make this into a live action film, if Chipmunks, Yogi Bear, and Garfield got their break so why can't Denver? How about you guys? What are your fondest memories of this talking (mumbling) green dinosaur? Share your thoughts on Denver, The Last Dinosaur on the comments section below:

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