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Voltes V is "the mother of all mecha anime" in the Philippines. Voltes V is a Japanese animation (anime) television series first aired in TV Asahi on June 4, 1977.
Chōdenji Machine Voltes V 超電磁マシーン ボルテスV Chōdenji Mashīn Borutesu Faibu, which literary translates to "Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes Five" was simply named Voltes V when it aired in the Philippines at around 1979. The series is the first ever anime (Japanese animation) to be aired in the Philippines. The series made its first debut via GMA Network on May 5 1978 but was cut short just before the series finished in 1979, more info later. It was later moved and re-aired on People's Television MBS-4 (Maharlika Broadcasting System Progress Television 4) which is now known today and NBN (National Broadcasting Network) in 1986, on ABS-CBN from 1987–1988 and IBC from 1989-1990, and back to GMA in the 90's.

Just when Voltes V was about to end in 1979, when president Ferdinand Marcos then issued a directive banning specifically Voltes V because of "excessive violence" and the inclusion of encouragement of people to rebel due to its subversive message With a totalitarian reign during the Marcos regime, even an animated show must be put to silence if it does spark the spirits of insurgence and cry for freedom. Voltes V later re-aired after seven years when Marcos was exiled in Hawaii.

When the series went back to GMA, GMA revived the program by first dubbing it in English, then in Filipino dub between Tagalog and Cebuano, in 1999. They have aired the program sporadically since, alongside Daimos. The anime series also got a theatrical release with Voltes V: The Liberation, a film compilation of the last five episodes of Voltes V which was what fans have always been looking forward to. Everyone needs closure especially to those who loved the series but was treated with constant re-airing and moving of well-loved anime series that seems to never show its conclusion.

Voltes V Cast
Little John (Green), Jamie Robinson (Yellow), Steve Armstrong, Big Bert Armstrong (Brown), and Mark Gordon (Blue)

Voltes V Opening Theme
Voltes V Anime Television Series Opening

"Voltes V no Uta" by Mitsuko Horie, Columbia Yurikago-kai and Koorogi '73

Voltes V Closing Theme Theme
Voltes V Anime Television Series Ending

"Chichi wo Motomete" by Ichiro Mizuki and Koorogi '73

Were you able to watch it during the Marcos Era or later in the 90's sporadic re-airing? What is your fondest memory of Voltes V? Share your nostalgic memories and experiences with Voltes V a very Retro Pilipinas anime.

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