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Beakman's World was a popular educational children's show that locally aired (initially) every Sunday afternoon at around 5:00 on RPN-9 during the 90's. Beakman's World which was based on the Universal Press Syndicate syndicated comic strip "You Can with Beakman and Jax" created by Jok Church that originally run from September 18, 1992 – December 6, 1997 distributed by Sony Pictures Television in the U.S. and in other countries. The edutainment show premiered on The Learning Channel (TLC) cable network and was later moved to CBS Saturday morning children’s block on September 18, 1993. Just like any kids show of the past, it suddenly came to a halt as it was cancelled around 1998 but not without leaving a mark to the countless of kids who grew up watching this very educational and entertaining world of Science through the eyes and world of Beakman. The series ran for 4 Seasons with each Season featuring more humor and four female assistant changes. Let's take a look back on this very educational and entertaining Beakman's World from the 90's.

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Beakman's World - The Show
About Beakman's World
Beakman's World featured an eccentric Scientist called Beakman (played by Paul Zaloom) who answers generally Science-related mail by televiewers where he then gives a thorough and comical explanation, demonstrations, and experimentation.

Paul Zaloom as Beakman in Beakman's World Mark Ritts as Lester The Rat or The Guy in a Rat suit in Beakman's World Don and Herb South Pole Puppet Penguins of Beakman's World

Throughout the series run, Beakman's female assistant has been changed with Josie (played by Alanna Ubach) for season 1; Liza (played by Eliza Schneider) for seasons 2 and 3; and Phoebe (played by Senta Moses) for season 4. Besides the lovely female assistant, one show staple is that clueless guy in the rat suit a.k.a "Lester The Rat" (played by Mark Ritts). There is also unseen cameraman "Ray" (played by prop-master Ron Jancula's hands) occasionally assists beakman and is very "handy" and "Beakmon" (played by actress Jean Stapleton) which rarely appeared on the show as Beakman's mother. There are also two "lovable" puppet penguins Don (voiced by Bert Berdis) and Herb (voiced by Alan Barzman) who are usually seen at the beginning, before or after commercial breaks and end of the show commentating in their home at the South Pole watching Beakman on their television.

Alanna Ubach as Josie in Beakman's World Eliza Schneider as Liza in Beakman's World Senta Moses as Phoebe in Beakman's World

Beakman's world is memorable for its many colorful characters usually played by Paul and Mark (e.g. when they bring in famous and generally deceased scientist to explain about their theories). There is also "The Beakman's Challenge", a show's regular segment where Beakman challenge Lester to do a stunt that he clumsily can't execute but will later be flawlessly executed by a basic scientific feat.
Beakman's World Opening Theme
Beakman's World Series Intro

Beakman's World Theme
Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh

As a kid growing up in the 90's, Beakman's World was awesome! It was perfectly placed in the afternoon Sunday time slot. I usually tune in to the funny antics of Beakman and Lester and the many characters the cast plays. This was the show that got me hooked up to Science which I eventually adored all the way up to high school but then it suddenly became way tougher come College with Chemistry and Physics XD. Now that I am an adult in the real world, it is fun going back to this world of Science initially introduced to me by Paul Zaloom and the rest of the Beakman's World cast.

Beakman and Lester of Beakman's World shown in RPN 9 during the 90's in the Philippines

I mostly remember the fun brought by the show. The characters like Art Burn, Meekman, Don and Herb, and the many guest Scientists also portrayed by Paul Zaloom. I also grew fond of expressions like "Ba-Da-Bing... Ba-Da-Bang... Ba-da-Boom!" and "Zaloom!" usually muttered by Beakman.

I love how Beakman has opened up the wondrous world of Science to kids (like myself back in the days) in a fun and unique way. The humor that the show has can still be appreciated up to this day and I can say is in par with some troll humor (highly subjective by I find most of them really funny) of today. Beakman has truly left a lasting impression to me. Although there have been quite a few contemporary local Science-related edutainment shows, nothing comes close to what Beakman has left in my mind. Kids might be more hooked to AHA!, I Bilib, or Matanglawin. Probably it is a generation thing or my nostalgia talking.

Beakman's World Educational Children Show Aired in RPN-9 in the Philippines druing the 90's Paul Zaloom as Beakman

Ever wondered what happened to the cast of Beakman's World or what is it like to work behind the scenes? Well, wonder no more! There are a series of Youtube videos featuring Paul Zaloom touring around the world and speaking in conventions talking about Beakman's World. Check out these series of clips from The Funday Pawpet Show's Megaplex 2010 Weird Weird Science! featuring Paul Zaloom as a special guest and just like Beak Mania, he answered them all in an unadulterated honest to goodness manner (Just like Beak's):

How about you guys? What are your fondest memories, favorite episode(s), characters, or segment on Beakman's World? Share your thoughts and experiences about this popular 90's edutainment children's television show called Beakman's World in the comments section below:

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  1. Probably the best thing about the show was that it was a show that, we as adults, could enjoy with our daughter. The characters and the double entendres and the way the cast took on making science fun.,,,what can be said. Every science show pales, in comparison, to Beek's World.


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