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Big Bad Beetleborgs was a syndicated live action show produced by Saban Entertainment (the same creators of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series) and originally aired in Fox Kids block from September 7, 1996 and March 2, 1998. The Big Bad Beetleborg series adapted combat footage from the Metal Hero Japanese tokusatsu series Juukou B-Fighter on the first season and B-Fighter Kabuto on its second season. In the Philippines, the Associated Broadcasting Company (now known as TV5) aired Big Bad Beetleborgs on a weekend afternoon block.

Big Bad Beetleborgs Americanized Kids Show ABC-5 Retro Pilipinas Feature

Big Bad Beetleborgs - The Story
Big Bad Beetleborgs Series Plot

In a town called Charterville, three "typical average kids", Drew (played by Wesley Barker), Jo (Shannon Chandler/Brittany Konarzewski), and Roland (Herbie Baez), enter the supposedly haunted Hillhurst Mansion after accepting a dare from rich snob kids. The three later found out that the house is indead the home of real monsters. The kids accidentally bump a pipe organ, releasing a phasm named Flabber (Billy Forester) that granted them with one wish like a genie. Just like normal geeky children, the three wish to become their favorite comic book heroes, the Big Bad Beetleborgs. This however also brought the Beetleborgs sworn enemies to life: the Magnavores led by the evil Vexor with his three main henchmen Typhus, Noxic, and Jara. Vexor who summons monsters from the comic books to battle the Beetleborgs.

Big Bad Beetleborgs Haunted Hillhurst Mansion Inhabitants Flabber, Mums, Frankenbeans, Count Fangula, Wolfie

Original Source

Andrew "Drew" McCormick is the Blue Stinger Beetleborg who stand as the leader of the Beetleborgs. He was granted with the ability of telekinesis by Flabber, that he activates by pointing at an object and nodding his head. Roland Williams is the Green Hunter Beetleborg. His family owns a local comic book shop named Zoom Comics, where he, Jo, and Drew usually hang out. He was granted with the ability of super speed by Flabber, which he activates by snapping his fingers. Josephine "Jo" McCormick is the Red Striker Beetleborg. She is Drew's little sister, and was granted with the ability of super strength by Flabber, which she simply activates by cracking her knuckles. The trio was later joined by Josh Baldwin, the White Blaster Beetleborg. He was granted the ability of invisibility by Flabber, which he activates by dusting his hands. He was on the team for a very short period of time.

Saban's Big Bad Beetleborgs 90's Cast Drew, Jo, Roland, and Flabber

Big Bad Beetleborgs Opening Theme
Big Bad Beetleborgs Series Intro

Big Bad Beetleborgs Three Typical Average Kids Become their favorite comic books superhero by a wish from a genie

If my memory serves me right, I believed that the Big Bad Beetleborg aired every Sunday nights at either on a 5:30 or 6:00 PM schedule which was followed up by Janperson on the Associated Broadcasting Company or ABC-5. The show also had a nice ring to its opening theme, but looking at it now I can surely say that the Power Rangers have a more serious tone to it which is probably why more kids prefer it, but the Big Bad Beetleborgs has more charming characters which sometimes can be the show's double edge sword. Sadly the Big Bad Beetleborg's Philippine television run ended with the Shadowborg and wasn't even resolved. The show was eventually cancelled here in the country and we were not able to watch the Beetleborgs Metallix, the show's second season. But hey it fun while it lasted. I am no purist then, and was not even aware that the show just utilized clips from a Japanese Metal Hero series. As what I have proven now as an adult, the original source material will always be better than the Americanized version, but since I was not able to see the original source material back then, then these American kids show still holds a much better place in my mind and heart. They may look ridiculous and corny now, but one time in my life I make sure to be home and tuned into ABC-5 just to watch the Bid Bad Beetleborgs.

Saban's Big Bad Beetleborgs 90's American Kids Show Title Broadcasted in ABC-5

How about you guys, have you watched the Big Bad Beetleborgs back in ABC back in the days? Any favorite episodes, memorabilias, characters, or merchandise that you have on the Americanized kids show? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:

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