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Oki Doki Doc was a Filipino sitcom from ABS-CBN starring Aga Muhlach as Dr. Agaton Villaluz or simply Doc Aga, Agot Isidro as Alex, Babalu as Don Robert Makunatan or Mang Berto, Carmina Villaroel as George, Claudine Barretto as Toni, Jimmy Santos as Godo, Camille Prats as Camille, Alfons Martinez as Fonzie, and Paolo Contis as Paoli. Oki Doki Doc aired every Saturday nights and ran from 1993 to 2000.

Oki Doki Doc ABS-CBN 90's Sitcom Retro Pilipinas Feature

Oki Doki Doc The Movie 1996 Doc Aga (Aga Muhlach) and Godo (Jimmy Santos)

Oki Doki Doc - The Show
About Oki Doki Doc

Oki Doki Doc ABS CBN 90's Agot Isidro as Alex and Aga Muhlach as Doc Aga First Meeting in Oki Doki Doc 1st Episode Philippine Sitcom

Oki Doki Doc revolves around the adventures and misadventures in the life of Dr. Agaton Villaluz or simply Doc Aga, a young veterinarian who has inherited his brother's children. Aga was leading a normal single life and was quite enjoying his bachelorhood when his brother-in-law lost his job. Because of this unfortunate situation, his brother-in-law is forced to take on a job abroad which required him to bring his wife along with him leaving their children behind. Being the only relative who has a respectable status, Aga is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of his sister's two children, Camille (Camille Prats) and Fonzie (Alfonso Martinez) which cuts short his life as a bachelor and catapults him into the status of being a parent/guardian to his niece and nephew.

Don Robert Makunatan and Gimo in Oki Doki Doc movie 1996

Dr. Aga opened his animal clinic in a middle-class subdivision with plans of having a successful career as a veterinarian. He lives with his best friend and college classmate who he also treat as family, Godo in the duplex that is in a compound owned by Don Berto Makunatan a.k.a. Babsy (Babalu). His duplex unit doubles up as his vet office while the other unit is used by Babsy and his three children, Paolo, Alex (Agot Isidro) and Toni (Claudine Barretto). Mang Berto has an inherent hatred over Godo and dislikes Aga for his daughter Alex. Mang Berto can't stop the two from falling in love and eventually (in the series run) got married. As call of endearment Alex calls Aga "sugar", while Aga calls Alex "cupcake".

Oki Doki Doc ABS CBN 90's Agot Isidro as Alex and Claudine Barretto as Toni Oki Doki Doc First Episode Retro Sitcom ABS-CBN

Oki Doki Doc Opening Theme
Oki Doki Doc Show Intro Lyrics

Ang Tito Aga kong beterinaryo,
laging kapiling mga pusa’t aso
kung minsan ay loro
kung minsan ay kuwago
Meron ding baka, manok, at kabayo… Ang tito ko!

Oki Doc, Oki Doc
Oki Doki Doki Doc
Oki Doc, Oki Doc, Oki Doc

Ang Tito Aga kong beterinaryo,
napakagwapo nakakaloko-loko
Kay dami daming chicks na nagkakagusto
pati na yata mga pusa't aso ng tito ko

Oki Doc, Oki Doc
Oki Doki Doki Doc
Oki Doc, Oki Doc, Oki Doc

Sweet Moments of Doc Aga (Aga Muhlach) and Alex (Agot Isidro) in ABS-CBN's Oki Doki Doc

ABS-CBN got tons of great situational comedy under its management during the 90's. While Home Along Da Riles focuses more on the family man Kevin Cosme, Oki Doki Doc is not far behind but instead of a dedicated father, we now have a dedicated uncle and bachelor. The introduction of love story between Aga and Alex in the show added more charm and humor to the series. ABS CBN's Oki Doki Doc was one of those popular 90's ABS CBN situational comedy that I grew up watching. It spun one comedy film with the same title in 1996. The ABS CBN sitcom's 1993 to December 2000 has followed the love story of Aga and Alex; and has seen a lot of changes from both its cast, schedule, and humor.

Oki Doki Doc ABS CBN 90's Agot Isidro as Alex, Babalu as Mang Berto, and Aga Muhlach as Doc Aga

The most notable characters to me was the late-Babalu as the overprotective father and Roderick Paulate's gay (stereotype) portrayal in the series length. As a child growing up in the 90's I liked how Oki Doki Doc had these various brief animations that served as interlude featuring animals (since Doc Aga is a vet) cutting to the commercials, and from commercials back to the show.

Oki Doki Doc ABS-CBN 90's Retro Filipino Sitcom that used Cartoons Animated Short Featuring Animals in Commercial Interlude

How about you guys? What's your fondest memory of the charming veterinarian and his sweet flight attendant of a love interest? Any favorite character, episode, or guest from the show? Share your thoughts about Oki Doki Doc in the comments section below:

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