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Ispup (translates to "Spoof") was a Filipino television comedy show that aired in Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC-5, now known as TV5) during the late 90's up to the early 2000's. From the title itself, Ispup spoofs and make parodies of several Philippine television shows, political figures, celebrities, and advertisements. Ispup originally aired on Saturdays later moved to Fridays. The ABC-5 gag sow ran from March 20, 1999 to March 27, 2004 replacing Tropang Trumpo.

Ispup ABC-5 90's Retro Pilipinas Feature Spoof Parody Gag Show

Ispup - The Show
About Ispup

Ispup featured two of Philippine's well-known parodist and impersonators, Willie Nepomuceno and Jon Santos; adding to the cast are Leo Martinez, Mystica, Candy Pangilinan, Marissa Sanchez, Joy Viado, Selena Sanchez, Ruffa Mae Quinto, and the Ispupniks: Mike "Pekto" Nacua, Ate Guy, Ate Shawie, Hyubz Azarcon and Cynthia Marquez.

Although not being the pioneer when it comes to doing parodies in the Philippines, Ispup managed to pull some pretty interesting concepts providing some great laughs with its fresh approach to delivering humor, mainly through parodies. Ispup introduced a new breed of smart humor by solely focusing on the popularity and sometimes notoriety of celebrities, television shows, and political figures - spoofing and satirizing their already public lives.

Some of its more popular parodies included the following:

  • Balitang Ka! - a parody of ABS-CBN's "Balitang K"
  • The Cheapest Link - a parody of the Philippine version of the UK game show "The Weakest Link" (IBC-13), having Caloy Alde as Edu Mansanas and actors playing political figures as contestants.
  • Di Bati Sina Mards At Pards - a parody of GMA's debate show "Debate with Mare at Pare"
  • Gay KNB? - a parody of ABS-CBN game show "Game KNB?" hosted by Ms. Kris Pepino (played by Candy Pangilinan)
  • Intrigador - a parody of GMA's "Imbestigador"
  • Knowless Power - a parody of the ABS-CBN's "Knowledge Power"
  • Malala Na Kaya- a spoof of ABS-CBN's drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya" hosted by Charing Todos Los Santos Conscious na Conscious (played by Jon Santos)
  • No One Can Be A Millionaire? - a parody of the Philippine version of the UK game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" (IBC-13), having Leo Martinez as Royet de Leon and actors playing political figures as contestants.
  • Oka-Toka-Doc - a cross-over parody of ABS-CBN's "Oka Tokat" and "Oki Doki Doc"
  • The Priest is Right - a parody of the Philippine version of the US game show "The Price is Right", having Willie Nepomuceno as His Eminems Jaime Cardinal Sins and actors playing political figures as contestants.
  • Taksil - a parody of GMA's "Saksi"
  • Usapang Monkey Business - a parody of ABS-CBN's "Usapang Business"
  • Wrong Page: Ulat ni Mel Tiongke - a parody of the GMA's "Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco"

Ispup featured characters like Sherap Entrada, Eminems Jaime Cardinal Sins, Royet de Leon, Charing Todos Los Santos Conscious na Conscious, Kurita Chances, Meriam Defensive-Santiago, Ramon Revillame, Mel Tiongke, Mayor Vi, Kris Pepino, Tita Cory Pepino, Cong. Manhik-Manaog, and Cong. Manhik-Manaog.

Before and after each episode, a "disclaimer" was presented ala "Star Wars" opening credits stating that the spoofs were taken from television shows, commercials, and movies with permission, ending with the show's tagline "Walang pikunan, ispup onli." ("Don't get offended. It's only a spoof.").

Ispup Opening Theme
Ispup Show Intro

"Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincey Jones

Mystica as Rosebud in "No One Can Be a Millionnaire"

All great things must eventually come to an end. It was quite disheartening to see Tropang Trumpo end, but Ispup filled up that gap with a new brand of humor. This was the gag show that introduced me to the master impersonators and stand up comedians Willie Nepomuceno and Jon Santos. I grew eventually fund of Ispup's unique brand of humor although being as a child back then really didn't get some of their jokes, it was still fun to see comedians impersonate local pop culture and political icons that time. If there is one thing that Ispup has successfully accomplished is the effective use of parody and spoof as its medium of humor which is now seen in today's Philippine gag shows.

Associated Broadcasting Company Ispup  1999 Leo Martinez, Willie Nepomuceno, Jon Santos ABC-5

It is quite fascinating actually that after Ispup, the impersonations lives on. Up to this day (as I made this post) I still see most impersonations by Jon Santos and Willie Nep cracking people up in various television appearance and stand up performance.

Jon Santos as Senator Miriam Defensive-Santiago at the MYX Music Awards 2012

Willie Nepumoceno as "Sherap" - Wowowee's Funniest Episode

How about you guys? What is your most memorable and funniest impersonation in Ispup? Share your thoughts about ABC-5's Ispup on the comments section below:

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