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Ober Da Bakod was a popular GMA Network sitcom produced by Viva Television and co-produced and broadcast by GMA Network from 1992–1997. The weekly situational comedy features the misadventures of two brothers Mokong and Bubuli as they successfully overcome every devious plans created by the sinister and filthy rich father of the two girls that they are courting. Let's go down memory lane and reminisce this hilarious Philippine retro sitcom.

Ober Da Bakod GMA Network 90's sitcom retro pilipinas feature

Ober Da Bakod - The Story
Ober Da Bakod Synopsis

The brothers Mokong (Janno Gibbs) and Bubuli (Anjo Yllana), sons of Lucring Dayukdok (Malou de Guzman) have feelings for the rich sisters Honey Grace (Gelli de Belen) and Barbie Doll (Donita Rose), daughters of the infamous Don Robert Dinero (Leo Martinez); Mokong for Honey Grace and Bubuli for Barbie Doll. Don Robert doesn’t like the brothers because they are poor. In order to freely court Honey Grace and Barbie Doll, Mokong and Bubuli climbs over the fence and thus the title Ober Da Bakod (Over the Fence).

Don Robert, usually with the aid of his blundering fool of a right hand man, Brownie (Danny Pansalin) always makes plans to prevent Mokong and Bubuli to get close to his daughters. Nonetheless, he fails due to the intervention of his mortal enemy and former girlfriend, Aling Lucring who happens to be Mokong and Bubuli's overprotective mother. As a result, total mayhem ensues between the two families. A running gag of the series is that in the end of every episode, two policemen, Officers Tedera and Officer Ginto, arrest Don Robert fbased on whatever schemes he had concocted. As Don Robert tries to explain his way out of this arrest, the police officers always tell him, "Sa presinto ka na lang magpaliwanag." ("Explain everything at the precinct.") Those words have now become a semi-common Filipino catchphrase.

Ober Da Bakod has a hip and catchy opening theme also entitled "Ober Da Bakod" was written and performed by 90's popular comedic actor and Filipino rapper Andrew E. I can not find the exact opening theme for the popular Philippine sitcom, only this movie theme song of Ober Da Bakod:

Ober Da Bakod 90's Sitcom Television Theme
Ober Da Bakod written and performed by Andrew E

Ober Da Bakod The Movie VHS Cover

The sitcom spun two movies under its 90's run mainly Ober Da Bakod: The Movie (1994) and Ober Da Bakod 2 (1996). I personally consider this as one of the most hilarious 90's sitcom. The chemistry amongst the comedy show's cast flowed naturally which made the humor much more natural, if not effortless. Aling Lucring was the perfect representation of a probinsyana Filipino tiger mom usually to her elder son Mokong whom she usually smacks her mischievious son at the back of his head (accompanied by a hitting a frying pan sound effects) everytime Mokong commits a mistake, teasing his younger brother Bubuli, or just to complete her day. I can somehow relate to Mokong although my mom didn't hit me in the head to discipline me back then, she sure is a probinsyana tiger mom. Just like Aling Lucring's signature frying pan hit, every episode would not be complete without Don Robert getting arrested. If there was something that the show thought us (children in the 90's) it was that crime or doing harm against people will always get you in trouble with the law, specifically the police. Even in the two Ober Da Bakod movies, Don Robert was still man-handled by the two arresting police officers before the film cut to its ending credits.

Here is an idea of what Ober Da Bakod was like back in the days, a Youtube clip of best of Ober Da Bakod the Movie. Although the TV sitcom was way much better than its movie counterparts.

What about you guys? What are your fondest and most memorable momments of the GMA Network sitcom Ober Da Bakod? share your thoughts in the comments section below:

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