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Batman: The Animated Series or simply Batman was a US animated television series that aired on ABS-CBN during the 90's. Batman: The Animated Series was an American action animated television series based from the DC Comics character Batman that originally run from September 5, 1992 to September 15, 1995 on the Fox Network as part of its Fox Kids lineup in the United States. With its mature themes, effective writing, and animation presentation, Batman: The Animated Series was a favorite amongst everyday television audience (from children to adults) and DC comics fans alike. Let's take a look back on this nostalgic superhero animated series from the 90's.

Batman The Animated Series Retro Animated Series 90's ABS-CBN Retro Pilipinas

Batman: The Animated Series - The Story
Batman The Animated Series Plot

Bruce Wayne as The Batman

Batman: The Animated Series chronicles the adventures of a multi-billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne as he took it upon himself the responsibility to protect and preserve the city that he and his parents loved the most, Gotham City. Witnessing the death of his parents right before his eyes, the heir to the multi-billion corporation Wayne Industry, young Bruce Wayne was left broken. One fateful day, he finally finds the answer to all his questions, to take the disguise of a crime fighter and become's Gotham's dark knight. With his seemingly unlimited resources, he uses technology, martial arts expertise, and superb deducting skills and intelligence to fight the evil that looms around Gotham City.

Batman The Animated Series Villain Roster

Batman: The Animated Series Opening Theme
Batman The Animated Series Instrumental Intro

Batman: The Animated Series
Theme music & composer: Danny Elfman

On a time when animated shows were heavily censored out and catered for kids to appreciate alone, Batman: The Animated Series was a breath of fresh air. As a child growing up during the 90's, I have to admit that Batman: The Animated Series featured some very mature content for the era for a kids show and it was the animated series' biggest strength. Kids need an icon to look up to and they somewhat know that criminals are not as goofy as other superhero television kids show portray them to be back in the 90's. Dark themes and violence are very common in animated shows nowadays, but back then it was pretty rare, so when Batman somehow effectively portrayed the likeliness of the violent nature of real life crime and crime fighting, plus the fact that Batman had no super powers, kids felt that they were taken seriously and he was the hero that kids can become, a bad ass brawler who uses cool gadgets and a smart detective. It was awesome! Well, at least that was what I felt back then. If my memories served me right, Batman aired every Friday nights in ABS-CBN which is a perfect weekend primetime treat for a grade school student like me. One of my favorite villain in Batman the Animated Series was Clayface because he has the ability/power that I've always dream of having, to shapeshift.

Batman The Animated Series Run in ABS-CBN During the 90's Retro Show

What about you guys? What's your fondest memory of Batman: The Animated Series? Any favorite episode or characters? Share your thoughts on Batman: The Animated Series on the comments section below:

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