Eezy Dancing | ABC - 90's Dance Show

Eazy Dancing was a Philippine television dancing show back in the 90's from the Associated Broadcasting Company or ABC (ABC-5 for the Greater Manila Area back then, today known as TV-5). Eezy Dancing ran from 1996-2001 The show aired every Sunday night and was hosted by different celebrities each season mainly Charlene Gonzales, Maribeth Bitchara, Giselle Toengi, and Nina Ricci Alagao to name a few. Every episode featured various dance numbers from professional dance instructors, performers, celebrities and sometimes even politicians. The dance show later adapted the title Eezy Dancing Non-Stop.

Here are some clips of Eezy Dancing back in the days gathered from the internet:

Charlene Gonzales with Charlene Gonzalez, Ralion Alonzo, Franco Laurel

Sherilyn Reyes dance number on Eezy Dancing

Amanda Page and Vina Morales dance number on Eezy Dancing

Eezy Dancing Non-Stops' Giselle Toengi (G. Toengi)

Maricel Morales and Nina Alagao dance number on Eezy Dancing

Do you still remember this Sunday night variety (dance) show from ABC 5? Share your memories of the dance show on the comments section below:

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