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Home Along da Riles is the longest running comedy sitcom (situation comedy) from ABS-CBN (ABS-CBN Corporation) that ran from 1992-2003 which primatily stars Philippines' comedy king Dolphy as Kevin Kosme, Smokey Manaloto as Bill Kosme, Gio Alvarez as Bob Kosme, Claudine Barretto as Bing Kosme, Vandolph as Baldomero Kosme or Baldo, Boy2 Quizon as Estong Kosme, Nova Villa as Corazon Madamba or Ason, Maybelyn de la Cruz as Maybelyn Madamba, Dang Cruz as Roxanne, Carding Castro as Elvis, Babalu as Richy, Tommy Angeles as Tomas, Cita Astals as Hilary Lagdameo, Bernardo Bernardo as Steve Carpio, Ericka Fife as Nonie, and Joymee Lim as LinggĂ­t.

Home Along Da Riles ABS-CBN 90s Retro Sitcom

Home Along Da Riles - The Story

Home Along Da Riles follows the lives of the Kosme headed by Kevin Kosme (Dolphy) widowed by Sion (also played by Nova Villa) leaving him with their four children (Bill, Bob, Bing and Baldo), and later an adopted son Estong. It depicts with struggles of the everyday poor-middle class family, but eventually finds refuge and fulfillment with the love of their family. It usually follows the exploit of the head of the household Kevin with his positive outlook in life amidst the bothersome twin sister of his deceased wife and her brothers, and an ellitist gay superior in the office, and a unstable house that seems to fall apart everytime the train passes through.

Home Along Da Riles ABS CBN 90's Sitcom Kosme Family

Home Along Da Riles Opening Theme
Home Along Da Riles Intro

Home Along Da Riles ABS CBN 90's Sitcom Rodolfo Dolphy Quizon as Rodolfo Vera Quizon and Nova Villa as Corazon Madamba

The creation of the ABS-CBN sitcom Home Along Da Riles was inspired by the Hollywood film Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin as "Kevin McCallister" and thus the Home Along resemblance in the title and Dolphy named after the movies main character, Kevin. Home Along Da Riles spun two comedy movies under Star Cinema during the sitcom's run. Home Along Da Riles reflect the everyday struggles of most of the impoverishes masses living in uncertainty of poverty but still manages to survive thanks to the love reigning in their family. Many Filipinos relate to Dolphy as Kevin Kosme. He became the image of the middle/working class individual, the dedicated and responsible father, and a friend to count on.

Home Along Da Riles ABS-CBN 90s Retro Sitcom

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