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Koseidon was a Filipino-dubbed Japanese superhero tokusatsu show that aired every Sundays in ABS-CBN during the 90's (1991 and later 1995). Koseidon was originally Dinosaur Corps Koseidon (恐竜戦隊コセイドン Kyōryū Sentai Koseidon), a Japanese Tokusatsu TV series produced by Tsuburaya Productions in two seasons starting from 1978 with a total of 52 episodes. Let's take a look back with the time-traveling red superhero who is simply called as Koseidon and his team.

Dinosaur Corps Koseidon ABS-CBN 90's Filipino-dubbed Tokusatsu Retro Pilipinas Feature

Dinosaur Corps Koseidon - The Story
About Koseidon

Dinosaur Corps Koseidon tells the adventures of Go, a superhero leading a time-travelling patrol to defeat aliens who have altered the course of time after landing on a prehistoric Earth. Dinosor Corps Koseidon and the leader Go's enemies include dinosaurs which are telepathically controlled by the aliens. Koseidon has the ability to stop time for 30 seconds to finish off the enmies.

Koseidon Opening and Closing Theme
Dinosaur Corps Koseidon Series Intro and Outro

What is there to say about Dinosaur Corps Koseidon? Well first off, I'll drop the Dinosaur Corps and simply refer to the show as Koseidon. In my research, I stumbled upon the information that Koseidon aired twice in ABS-CBN; first being in 1991 and later in 1995. I actually misheard this series protagonist's name and called him "Poseidon", substituting "P" with "K". I later found out that Poseidon was the Olympian deity (the God of the Sea) and not the red sentai-like ranger, Koseidon. Little know fact, Koseidon in its original Japanese text translates to "Kyōryū Sentai Koseidon", but Koseidon is not a sentai; specifically not a part of the "Super Sentai" series. Well initially "sentai" means a military unit and may be literally translated as "squadron", "task force", "group" or "wing" (as defined by Wikipedia), so since Koseidon is more of the task force assigned to protect time from a malevolent alien race, then it really did deserve the "sentai" in its title. It is only later that the word "sentai" has been adapted into a group of (usually) five members along with their mecha(s); later adding the word "super" in the term "Super Sentai" to differentiate this kind of tokusatsu.

Go as Koseidon in Dinosaur Corps Koseidon aired in ABS CBN Philippines

High quality Dinosaur Corps Koseidon image can be seen circulating online since this nostalgic show was released on DVD. You can simply go check various online stores if you are interested in reliving this series.

Going back to reminiscing about Koseidon. I think, I was already was a big fan of various tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, MagmaMan, and MachineMan; which is why I always associate Koseidon as an individual and not as a military unit. Well, I was a 90's kid so I was excused to believe anything I want. My fondest recollection is Go being fired in this cannon where he eventually transforms (henshins) into the "time warrior" Koseidon (the individual). I've seen a few clips of Koseidon online and I can say it didn't really stood up well to the test of time (the irony), as I found myself laughing at the premise of time-travel and its possible (butterfly-effect) complications and how dark "old" Japanese kids show can get. I listened and watched the opening and closing theme for Koseidon again which brought some vague memories of it. Memories of Koseidon being launched off... "Fightus Bomber One, take off... Fightus Bomber Two, Take off..." I don't even know if "Fightus" is even what they were saying. This is coming from a 90's kid who though Koseidon's name was spelled and pronounced as Poseidon.

Dinosaur Corps Koseidon title card Filipino-dubbed Tokusatsu show that aired in ABS-CBN in the 90's

How about you guys? Do you still remember this Filipino-dubbed tokusatsu show that aired in ABS-CBN around the 90's? What is your fondest recollection about the show? Do you have any merchandise, favorite episode, or character in the show? Share us your thoughts and memories about Dinosaur Corps Koseidon in the comments section below:

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  1. I only remember the princess in koseidon ... like i only remember annie fron shaider ......damn i got no life ....


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