Memorable Philippine TV Commercials of the Past - Part 1: Mag Retro Pilipinas Ka Para Naiiba!

Retro Pilipinas Features a list of memorable Philippine television commercials. Since we are intro everything about the past, why not compile them into one mega list. Well there are a number of memorable and nostalgic Filipino television advertisements, so fitting them in one blog post is a bit challenging, so we'll break them down into multiple parts for your viewing pleasure. Let's sit back and relax as we all take a look back with some of the memorable Philippine TV commercials of the past here at Retro Pilipinas:

Retro Pilipinas Features Memorable Philippine Television Commercials of the Past Part 1

Mr. Clean's Labadami Labango

Labadami Labango is performed by Filipina Suprano extraordinairre and "The Queen of Kundiman", Sylvia La Torre for the laundry detergent soap, Mr. Clean back in a Philippine television commercial back in the 70's (1975). It's been an iconic theme up to this day even if the actual laundry soap isn't as popular as how it used to be, but still a memorable Philippine television commercial.

Dragon Katol's Lamok Seguradong TEPOK!

The uploaded video by its host edited it a bit (for comic relief), but still is the whole 80's commercial and is currently the only clear copy of it on Youtube. The Dragon Katol (mosquito coil) pays homage to the US "Cowboy" Western films with a pesky difference, mosquitoes! Tells the story of a cowboy named Dragon Man who has a solution for the mosquito problems. It is a bit weird seeing it with rational eyes now, that woman's video "exiting" the barn is played in reverse! What Cthulhu sorcery was this? Dragon Katol has a tag line "Dragon kung umusok. Lamok seguradong tepok!".

Sarsi Cola's "Angat Sa Iba"

Not really familiar with this commercial but it was put way up there by most Philippine television magazine shows as one of the many memorable television advertisements here in the Philippines so why not include it here. The Sarsi Cola's "Angat sa Iba" theme was a winner of the Pilak Awards which celebrates good ad creation back in the past and looking at it now it shows. A commercial that conditions the mind that drinking their soft drink shows that you are different and stands out from the rest.

Purefoods Tender Juicy's Dear Diary

A short ad about a girl writing about her crush and frustrations about being "fat" to be noticed by him on her diary. There is only a short time for a commercial so it quickly escalates to her concluding that the hotdogs are to good to let go and the rest is history.

Palmolive Bath Soap's "I can Feel It" featuring Alice Dixson

This one is for 'em ladies. I don't know, but I always find early bath soap tv commercials as targeted towards the female demographic and this commercial shows that with no men in the picture. We see how times has change and tv advertising agencies want their product to cover as much appeal as they possibly could. This commercial has really not that big of an impact to me and it is probably because I am a guy, but that young and lovable Alice Dixson cameo in the end is probably the product's highlight and selling point. Want to be as pretty as this female celebrity, why not try it? The commercial has been know for Alice Dixson saying "I can feel it"

Caronia Nail Polish

It was really a different time back then. We even have television advertisement for a nail polish and it was great. A break from the usual pretty face focused tv commercials, Caronia bombards us with... pretty nails and dancing ladies. Caronia was then become more famous (or infamous) because of the Tropang Trumpo's "Chicken" dance parody of it back in TV5.

Close Up Toothpaste's "Close You and I"

For the romantics out there! Close Up came up with an appealing commercial back in the 80's which featured a loving couple all smiling and getting romantic with each other featuring a background music meant for Philippine romantic films "Closer You and I" sung by Gino Padilla.

Knorr Real Chinese Soup

If Dragon Katol pays homage to old spaghetti Western movies and influences, Knorr Real Chinese soup on the other hand pays tribute to the martial arts "shaolin" movies brought by Chinese. This commercial is memorable for the egg cracked in the forehead shot in the classic 80's soup television commercial.

Seiko Wallet Ang Wallet na Maswerte

In line of the most bizarre things getting its own television advertisement, Seiko wallet has graced Philippine television back in the days with Seiko Wallet Ang Wallet na Maswerte jingle and ad. Too bad there was no available footage for the original classic Philippine tv ad but check the video as the jingle was still in tact. The classic Philippine television commercial become memorable because of its catchy jingle and questionable claims of fortune, design, and quality.

Do you still remember most of these commercials? What is your fondest memories with such memroable Philippine television advertisement? Are there some other mclassic Phillipine tv ads that you wanted us to include on the Part 2? Share your thoughts and suggestions about memorable Philippine TV commercials of the past in the comments section below:

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