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Eto Rangers was a Filipino dubbed (Japanese) anime which aired in ABC-5 (now TV5) back in the 90's here in the Philippines about the adventure of 12 anthropomorphic Chinese Zodiac characters as they traveled various fairy tale worlds. Eto Rangers was originall titled Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger (Twelve Warrior Explosive Eto Rangers) that originally run from April 7, 1995 to January 26, 1996 on NHK with a total of 39 episodes. Let's go down memory lane and remember Eto Rangers.

Eto Rangers 90's Anime on ABC-5 Chinese Zodiac Inspired Filipino dub Retro Pilipinas Feature

Eto Rangers - The Story
Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger Premise

The Eto Rangers anthropomorphic animals representing each of the twelve Chinese Zodiac animals which in Japan is called "Eto" animals, thus the Eto in Eto Rangers. The Eto Rangers are sworn protectors of the Novel Worlds. These Novel Worlds are stories created by human imagination (folktales, legends, fables, and fairy tales) which plays out repeatedly for the goodness of humanity. The Novel worlds are eventually endangered by Nyanma by distorting each stories using the Jarei monsters. Nyanma (represents the forgotten spirit of cats) who was once Chocolat was excluded from being chosen as one of the 12 protectors by being disqualified in the race.

Eto Rangers on ABC-5 Powell, Bukuh, Delacao, Kelly, Paccalachi, Wannie-Wannie, Yabu, Cesley, Mencue, Chickee, Yalung, Vivi

The Eto Rangers which primary comprised of Bakumaru (rat) known as Powell in the Filipino dub version, Hols (Ox) as Bukuh, Gao (tiger) as Delacao, Cream (rabbit) as Kelly, Drago (dragon) as Paccalachi, Nyorori (snake) as Wannie-Wannie, Pakaracchi (horse) as Yabu, Souffle (sheep) as Cesley, Monk (monkey) as Mencue, Tart (rooster) as Chickee, Pochiro (dog) as Yalung, and Urii (pig) as Vivi. The Eto Rangers boards the Space-Time Transmitting Machine Kirinda to repair the Novel Worlds of Mugen which has been altered by a Jarei monster. Missions to each Novel world usually involves up to 5 Eto Rangers chosen by the Kirinda's roulette member selection system. Each Novel world story altered by a Jarei monster turnes it into a different version or sometimes a parody of itself. Since most of the stories in the novel world involves fables or features an animal, Eto Ranger members chosen for such mission usually takes on the role of one of the characters in the tale. Bakumaru (Powell) must use the Genmakyou mirror (shouting "lumabas ka halimaw!") to reveal the evil spirit once enough clues lead to its identity. Kirinda is usually summoned after defeating the Jarei monster to purify the evil spirit with a "laser beam" weapon finally restoring the Novel world story to its original form.

Eto Rangers Opening Theme
Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger Series Intro

"Mada mada mada"
Sung by Shinmei Yumiko

Eto Rangers Closing Theme
Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger Series Outro

Sung by Kiyomi Kobayashi

ABC-5 Eto Rangers Powell Lumabas Ka Halimaw Retro Pilipinas Filipino Dubbed Anime in the 90's

Eto Rangers one of the classics for a Filipino child growing up during the 90's. There was this certain fascination towards the Zodiac, astrology, or the Chinese influence back in the days and Eto Rangers seems to be the celebration of that. I vaguely recall if this came first before the Power Rangers (or sentai series) or later, but it probably added a charm to the series. Of course, this won't be a memorable anime series if not for the characters and the Novel world stories featured for the day (or week). I remember finding it very entertaining as to how the series put a twist to the usual stories (fairy tales, legends, and fables) we grew up hearing and reading into something new (Noir, old Western, space age, mafia, etc.). I recall it was being showed in ABC-5 alongside Sailor Moon every Saturdays and Dragon Ball on RPN-9 every Sundays. I remember my classmates back in grade school or at home playing Bakumaru holding up a circular object (usually a mirror) holding it up to each other shouting "Lumabas ka Halimaw!" ("Unveil yourself monster!") then act as if we were to fight. Eto Rangers' opening and closing theme also added to how memorable the series now to those of us who grew up watching it.

Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger Eto Ranger Chinese Zodiac Antropomorphic Animals 90's anime on ABC-5 TV5 Title Card

How about you guys? What are your most memorable experience with the this Chinese Zodiac inspired Japanese animated series? Any particular episode, characters, or memory you have regarding the show? Share your thoughts and opinion about Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger in the comments section below:

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