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Ang TV was a Filipino youth-oriented (kids') gag variety show that aired in ABS-CBN during the 90's. Ang TV originally aired from October 19, 1992 to January 3, 1997 with a 30-minute show format airing on a daily afternoon 4:30 schedule. The show was notable for it's opening line "4:30 Na! Ang TV na!", and gags opening up with "Esmyuskee" (a play of the word "excuse me") and "Nge!" after the delivery of the punchline. Let's go down memory lane Ang TV, the iconic kids gag show that created most of the most notable ABS-CBN stars as of late.

Ang TV ABS-CBN Youth-Oriented Kids Gag Variety Show 90's Retro Pilipinas Feature

Ang TV - The Show
About Ang TV

Ang TV ("The TV") was a kids' "gag-variety" show in the Philippines from ABS-CBN. Prior to 1992, Director Johnny Manahan enlisted a group of multi-talented kids (& pre-teens) to create the first ever gag-variety show for youngsters in the Philippines.

4 30 na ang tv na a look back at ang tv iconic kids gag show retro pilipinas

Most of the country's (ABS-CBN) celebrities can point their humble beginnings to Ang TV. Claudine Barretto, Angelu de Leon, Jolina Magdangal, Rica Peralejo, Paula Peralejo, John Prats, Camille Prats, John Prats, Paolo Contis, Angelica Panganiban, Patrick Garcia, Christopher Roxas, Jan Marini, Victor Neri, Kaye Abad, Roselle Nava, Maybelyn dela Cruz, Katya Santos, Carol Banawa, Baron Geisler, Kristine Hermosa, Anna Larrucea, and Vandolph Quizon are some of the most notable stars that jump-started their careers as mainstays of the variety show. A few adults drops in from time to time to join in the craziness of the show which includes Winnie Cordero, Joji Isla, Giselle Sanchez, and Joy Viado.

Ang TV Opening Theme
Ang TV Series Intro

Ang TV's theme: "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"
Manfred Mann

Luckily there is a clip on Youtube that captures what Ang TV was like back in the days.
Check out this Ang TV show clip:

Ang TV Jolina Magdangal ABS-CBN 90's Look Back Ang TV Lindsay Custodio ABS-CBN 90's Look Back Ang TV Roselle Nava ABS-CBN 90's Look Back Ang TV Lailani Navarro ABS-CBN 90's Look Back

While most GMA Network talents and celebrities have That's Entertainment to thank for, ABS-CBN's have Ang TV. It features some of the most notable celebrities as of the featuring of this blog dedicated to the show (2015). Some of the names have been included on the "About" section of this look back. There are a personal few favorites like Lailani Navarro and Lidsay Custodio for their sheer majestic beauty; and Jolina Magdangal, Roselle Nava, and Carol Banawa for their singing prowess. It is quite entertaining to bee able to see how celebrities grow up and see how their career unfolds in front of the television (or film) screen. I am talking about how such innocent and adorable young looking kids as these kids are will eventually become the next iconic stars of tomorrow in various fields of entertainment (theater, singing, film, television) and outside of it (politics). Of course since I am not big into those kinds of stuf as a 90's Filipino kid back in the days, I remember Ang TV for its very short skits and gags. Well what do you expect for a 30 minute long show with many television commercials in between. Going Bulilit is probably one of its spiritual successor but to most growing up during the 90's this is the definitive kids' gag-variety show.

Ant TV ABS-CBN 90's Youth-Oriented Gag-Variety Show Philippines Title Card

How about you guys? What do you think about this iconic ABS-CBN youth-oriented gag variety show? Do you have any favorite moments on the shows run back in the 90's? Any favorite celebrities making an appearance or a mainstay? What's your fondest memory of the show? Share your thoughts about Ang TV in the comments section below:

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