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Rurouni_Kenshin or more popularly known here in the Philippines as Samurai X was first an English dubbed Japanese animated series that first aired in Studio 23 at around the late 90's (Oktubre 18, 1998). Samurai X a.k.a. Rurouni Kenshin originally Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story (Ruroni Kenshin Meiji Kenkaku Romantan) like many other anime series was first a popular manga series before its animated television series adaptation. Rurouni Kenshin was written by Kikuhide Tani and illustrated by Yoshihiro Kuroiwa released by Shueisha publication and Monthly Shōnen Jump from April 11, 1994 – November 4, 1999. The manga was later adapted into a ninety five episode anime television series that ran from January 10, 1996 – September 8, 1998 in Studio Gallop for episodes 1-66 and in Studio Deen for episodes 66 onwards in Japan. Let's take the road down memory lane and remember at this once brutal Battousai: The Slasher (Hitokiri Battōsai) who later became the beloved warrior of peace Kenshin Himura.

Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin Retro Pilipinas Feature 90's Anime Series in Studio 23 and ABS-CBN

Samurai X - The Story
Rurouni Kenshin Series Plot

Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) tells the story of a wanderer named Himura Kenshin, formerly known as the assassin "Hitokiri Battosai" who after participating in the Bakumatsu war walked away. Kenshin later wanders the countryside of Japan offering protection and aid to those in need as atonement for the murders he once committed as an assassin. His travels lead him to Tokyo in the 11th year of the Meiji era, where he befriends Kamiya Kaoru, a female Kendo master; Sagara Sanosuke, a brawler and a former Sekihō Army member; Takani Megumi, a doctor; and Yahiko Myojin (Yoshi Myojin in English dubbed Samurai X). Together they fight off various enemies surfacing from their inescapable dark past.

Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin Himura, Kamiya Kaoru, Sagara Sanosuke, Yoshi Myojin 90's Japanese Anime Series in Studio 23 and ABS-CBN

Some of the Rurouni Kenshin's (Samurai X) most notable villains include the group of Oniwanbanshou Shinobi(s), Shinomori Aoshi, Saito Hajime, and Shishio Makoto.

Samurai X Opening Theme
Rurouni Kenshin Series Intro

"Sobakasu" (Freckles)
Music by Judy & Mary

Rurouni Kenshin's Hitokiri Battosai The Slasher Kenshin Himura

Daikirai datta sobakasu wo chotto
Hitonade shite tame iki wo hitotsu
Hebii kyuu no koi wa migoto ni
Kakuzatou to issho ni toketa
Mae yori mo motto yaseta mune ni chotto
"Chiku" tto sasaru toge ga itai
Hoshiuranai mo ate ni naranai wa
Motto tooku made
Issho ni yuketara nee
Ureshikute sore dake de

Omoide wa itsumo kirei dakedo
Sore dake ja onaka ga suku wa
Hontou wa setsunai yoru na no ni
Doushite kashira?
Ano hito no egao mo omoidasenai no

Kowashite naoshite
Wakatteru no ni
Sore ga atashi no seikaku dakara
Modokashii kimochi de
Ayafuya na mama de
Soredemo ii koi wo shite kita
Omoikiri aketa
Hidari mimi no piasu ni wa nee
Waraenai episoodo

Sobakasu no kazu wo kazoete miru
Yogoreta nuigurumi daite
Mune wo sasu toge wa kienai kedo
Kaeruchan mo usagichan mo
Waratte kureru no

Omoide wa itsumo kirei dakedo
Sore dake ja onaka ga suku no
Hontou wa setsunai yoru na no ni
Doushite kashira?
Ano hito no namida mo omoidasenai no
Omoidasenai no
Dou... La La La La La La
Doushite na no?

Samurai X Closing Theme (English)
Rurouni Kenshin Series Outro

Music by The Yellow Monkey

Well, what to say about Samurai X? As a kid, I was one of those kids who were kinda left off with the discussion of this series. Our television back then was that classic TV with a tuner knob which has limited television reception. Ibelieved that it was only up to TV station IBC-13 that our tv set can receive, so that was a bummer. Later in the early 2000, we upgraded our television set where I finally saw the re-run of the Samurai X in Studio 23 which was still dubbed in English.

Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin in the Philippines 90s animated series in Studio 23 and ABS-CBN

Samurai X had a rocking and memorable opening and closing themes. Besides Sobakasu, a personal favorite of mine is Rurouni Kenshin's sixth closing theme entitled "1/3 no Junjo na Kanjou" (1/3 True Feelings) by Siam Shade. Want to know why? I'll let you hear it for yourself and you be the judge:

Let's throw n the full song for Siam's 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou in the process:

Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin Notable Villains Shinomori Aoshi, Saito Hajime, and Shishio Makoto

Besides the rocking theme, Rurouni Kenshin is considered to be one of our generation's greatest anime series for of how it build on its characters and great storyline. For me The most notable and diabolical villain of the Japanese samurai series was Shishio Makoto who stood by his twisted philosophy that only the strong will live and the weak shall die. Well, the series would not be that successful if we do not have a rocking protagonist. A seemingly happy nomad with a dark and brutal past. Well, it can be considered pretty generic when compared to today's standards, but hey it works!

Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin Anime Series that Aired in the Philippines in 90's in Studio 23 and ABS-CBN Retro Anime

How about you guys, what's your fondest memory, merchandise, character, episode, OVA, or movie of Rurouni Kenshin a.k.a Samurai X. Share your thoughts about Rurouni Kenshin in the comments section below:

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