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Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was a 1987 short-lived Sunbow Productions animated series based from a Hasbro toyline. Vissionaries: Knights of the Magical Light or simply "Visionaries" has originally 13 episodes and ran from September 21, 1987 to December 14, 1987 on Claster Television, Inc. Visionaries got its Philippine television broadcast via ABS-CBN around the 80's and later on other Philippine Television channels like PTV (NBN Channel-4 for the Greater Manila Area) during the 90's. Let's take a look back on this short-lived kids show with an interesting concept.

Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light Philippine Television Broadcast ABS-CBN 80's Retro Pilipinas Feature

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light - The Story
Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Series Plot

The inhabitants of a distant planet called Prysmos enjoy the life of convenience brought by science and technology, but like everything else this eventually came to an abrupt end. When the three blazing suns of Prysmos re-aligned signaled the end of the age of Science and technology, and ushered in the power of mystics and magic.

Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords Retro Animation Retro Pilipinas PTV Ch 4 90's

As the world collapsed, a new but primitive order began. A post apocalyptic medieval era began. An era known for its inquisition and wars. Leoric, leader of the Spectral Knights and prince of New Valarak leads and defends their fortress against the scheming Darkstorm of the Darkling Lords. They are both called to for a competition by the wizard Merklynn. After surviving traps, dangerous creatures, and each other, the survivors on both sides are rewarded. Everyone of them is given a different animal totem which appears on the front of their armor, which they can turn into. The animals are selected by Merklynn based on their personalities. Some knights have staffs with them, and these are told to dip them into an energy well. They become magical, each given a different power. They activate these by reciting a special verse. Any staff-wielding knight can activate any staff, as long as he casts the spell properly.

The war for power and supremacy on the two opposing faction heightens after obtaining their new found magical powers.

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Opening Theme
Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Series Intro

It is a time when Magic is more powerful than Science,
and only those who control the magic, control destiny.
...They are the Visionaries.

Visionaries, knights of the magical light,
Visionaries, with magical powers they fight.
Powers of mind and strength, skill and speed,
Powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds.

Visionaries, knights of the magical light.

Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light Magical Holograms as Weapons and Summons

The Visionaries seems to have left an imprint in my mind. This is probably because the series has an impressive toyline courtesy of Hasbro. I remember having two visionary toys when I was still a kid. The Visionaries toys have those hologramic 3-D-esk stickers which gave kids like me the allusion that they can pop in any time just like the series. I have little memories about the conflict between Leoric and Darksorm and only recalls it after researching and making this post. But still a post-apocalyptic medieval magical era with magic and technology mix is an interesting concept. Too bad is was cancelled. As a kid, the Visionaries was pretty much all eye candy for me. I just watched it for the fight scenes and the cool summoning and transformation sequences.

Visionaries Knightsof the Magical Light 1987 short-lived Sunbow Productions kids show title visionaries logo

How about you guys? What are your fondest memories, cool merchandise, favorite character, summons or episode in the short-lived series? Share your thoughts about Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light in the comments section below:

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